Top 10 Tips
To Optimize Your Space


1.  Double Duty.

Choose furniture and options that serve more than one function: an ottoman that also provides storage, a bench to sit on, put your tv on or store baskets underneath, a sofa bed for the den/guest bedroom etc.

2.  Scale it Down.

Use furniture that is scaled for smaller spaces so that you don’t overwhelm the room. Use smaller occasional tables instead of a big coffee table. Use a chair and a half instead of a love seat.

3.  Keep it Durable.

Since every piece of furniture in a small space will get plenty of use, stick with fabrics and materials that are easy to care for and clean.

4.  Regular Edits.

Review your possessions twice a year to keep them to only the things you use and love.

5.  Go Vertical.

All those waist high shelves you have are great, but if you really want to maximize storage, have those shelves go all the way up. If you keep them tidy and just have one wall of shelving it won't overwhelm or clutter the space.

6.  Have a Space for Everything.

If something doesn't have a home, it's not going to get put away and will likely be sitting around for months. Contain items in decorative baskets or file things on shelves to make sure that you have enough room for the things you own.


7.  Use a Monochromatic Colour Scheme.

Variations on a single colour will make a small space seem larger, and chopping it up into different colour areas will have the opposite effect. Create interest by choosing colours within the same colour family, tone-on-tone upholstery fabrics and textured wall finishes. Coordinating furniture and wall colour will make the space seem expansive.

8.  Light the Way.

Whether natural or artificial, light has the effect of opening up space. Heavy drapes in a small space can overpower it and stifle any light from the windows, so choose lighter fabric. Recessed lighting and strategically placed lamps will open up the space and create a visual flow.

9.  Room Dividers.

In small areas, it can be difficult to create separate spaces and often times it can end up looking cluttered, even if it’s the tidiest of spaces. To avoid a cluttered look and to create defined spaces, room dividers are a great solution. They provide separation while having a functional and stylish purpose.

10. Furniture with Built-in Storage.

Consider pieces that have built-in storage compartments for great space-saving options. To avoid accumulating clutter on top of the coffee table, buy a table with drawers. Beds with storage drawers underneath are also a great option.

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