"Although it may seem that having several sales professionals working for you increases your chances of finding the right property, it doesn’t. In fact, having more than one sales professional working for you usually works the opposite way".

The reason is simple. Sales professionals earn money through sales. If a sales professional knows that he is "sharing" a buyer with several other associates, he will devote less time to that buyer than to another consumer he represents exclusively. And for good reason. Sales professionals invest a lot of time locating suitable homes for buyers. They do market research, drive buyers around, contact other sales professionals in search of properties, and even help with financing. Thus, their first loyalty when a hot new listing becomes available is to buyers who are "really serious" - the ones who are loyal to them.

How does a buyer find the right sales professional? Obviously, recommendations are an excellent method. Interviewing sales professionals is another. Are they knowledgeable about the market? About financing? Is he or she experienced? Assertive enough to be a good negotiator? Smart buyers will ask about the sales professional’s track record.

An astute sales professional will help a buyer clarify his criteria and give feedback on what is financially realistic. If the buyer is new in town, the sales professional should show him around; walk him through a few homes in different neighbourhoods to give him an idea of what is available, and get his feedback. Good sales professionals show buyers only those homes that meet their criteria. They do not waste the buyer’s time.

Aside from working with a sales professional, the buyer should also keep an eye on the real estate section of the local newspaper. It is always possible for a buyer to find something that is new on the market, and has not, as yet, come to the sales professional’s attention. Call your sales professional directly about anything that you may find and let him or her find out the details.

Finding a home and working with a sales professional can be a delightful experience for a buyer. The key: find the right sales professional and give him or her as much information and feedback as possible.

June Smith, B.A.Sc.
Re/Max Aboutowne Realty Corp. 
Sales Representative