When buying a condo or a townhome it’s still location, location, location - and there are even more location implications when buying this type of property.

1. Neighbourhood Location. As with single detached homes, this is still a prime consideration. You will want to consider proximity to shopping, transportation, parks, schools.

2. Building / Complex Location. Whether is it a condo apartment building or a townhome complex, consider the neighbourhood mix. For instance, if a condo building is located in an area with a high concentration of high rise buildings, it may be prone to traffic congestion problems and possible noise problems.

3. Exposure Location. Light is an important issue in smaller properties such as condos and townhomes. Buyers tend to prefer southern and western exposures to take advantage of the light. This can also mean higher energy costs in the summer months to keep your unit cool. If summer heat/sun is a concern, choose an east or northern exposure.

Specific to Townhomes....

4. Location within a Townhome Complex. Consider where a unit is located with respect to traffic flow through the complex - is it in a high traffic area, close to a busy visitor parking area, close to a noisy playground area (families may want to be close the play area but singles or retirees may not).

5. Location within a Townhome Block. Is the townhome an end unit or interior unit. End units tend to be more desirable and often offer advantages such as extra windows on the end wall and more privacy in the patio area since there is only one neighbour.

Specific to Condo Apartments....

6. Level Location. Floor levels can be an important consideration. While new builders almost always charge a premium for higher floors, this doesn’t always come into play in the resale market unless a view is involved. If a higher level significantly improves the view, you will pay a premium, otherwise there is no advantage/premium for living on the 5th floor versus the 4th floor. Ground floor units are tricky - sometimes they command a premium and sometimes they sell for lower than average price. While a ground floor can offer a larger patio area versus a balcony, some people feel there is a higher security risk living on this level.

7. Floor Location. Pay attention to the location of the unit with respect to proximity to elevators, garbage chutes and stairwells which may contribute to noise levels and have an affect on resale if buyers perceive these as major issues for them.

8. Parking Spot Location. Whether a parking spot is underground or above ground, you will want to ensure the spot is easily accessible. If underground, is the spot close to the elevator, are there any obstructions such as posts that make it difficult to maneuver in and out of. If there are two spots, are they beside each other, apart or tandem.

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